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History of Super Shox


Super Shox launches the SR1 line of rear shock absorbers for Harley Davidson FLH and Dyna models.

Drivers on Super Shox took home the following major wins / championships:

Sammy Swindell won his 4th Race of Champions at the Chilli Bowl.

Kurt Davis won the 2015 EWSC 360 Winged Sprint championship.

Nick Daywalt scored the Wisconsin Illinois Mini Sprint championship.

Doug Schenck won the Wilmont Speedway Wingless Sprint Car championship.


2015 Cont.

Ryan Bowers won the Upper Midwest Sprint Car Championship in his 360 Winged Sprint.

David Budress took home the Badger Midget Racing Championship.

Mark Heinert was the Wilmont Speedway Mini Sprint Champion.

Mike Birkin won the Michigan Traditional Sprint Championship.

Collin Wece won the Non-Winged Micro Championship at Southern Illinois Raceway.

Jerrod Hull drove his 410 Winged Sprint to his 5th consecutive MOWA Championship.


The championship trend continues for racers using Super Shox.

Bill Balog won his 7th consecutive IRA championship with an 11 win season to raise his win total to 80 in IRA competition. 

Jerrod Hull raced to the MOWA championship for the 4th consecutive year.

Nick Petska scored his 3rd consecutive WIMS title.

Danny Schlaffer won another MSA title repeating with the Challenge series and a win at the Chilton Fall Nationals.

Sam Hosey repeated as the USCS 600 champion for the second consecutive year

2014 Cont.

Kyle Sager won championships at El Paso Speedway Park and Southern New Mexico Speedway racing his 305 wing sprint car

Danny Smith made the switch to Super Shox and won the ORCS non-wing points and finished a very close second in the wing series points

Darren Davis won the Southern States Midget Series championship

Todd Daun won the Wilmot 410 championship

Justin Henderson and the BDS team were set on kill at Knoxville and won the 360 owner points and finished 3rd in 410 points.


2014 Cont.

Bobby and Kevin Michnowicz had a great season winning 11 of the 20 CLS races, Bobby scoring 7 wins and the championship! Damon Arnett who switched to Super Shox for the 2014 season kept the pressure on Bobby to finish second in points!

Major race wins included:

Dave Darland won the Tony Hulman Classic and  Sheldon Kinser Memorial.  He also won the Kokomo Smack Down and became he winningest sprint car driver in USAC history on the same day. 


2014 Cont.

Jacob Wilson won back to back Little 500’s and marked the 8th win for a car with Super Shox in this prestigious race

Ryan Bowers won the UMSS Mighty Axe Nationals and the Jerry Richert Memorial in Minnesota

Tylor Thomas won Illinois Midget week

Jessica Zemken won the biggest race of her career at the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals with a drive from 14th starting position

Design validation of the Harley Davidson Super Shox is in process.


Kevin Swindell has a clean sweep at the Chili Bowl winning the Race of Champions, Thursday night heat race, qualifier, A-Main then capped it off with a his fourth consecutive Saturday A-Main win.

Sammy Swindell wins the Wednesday night A-Main and finishes second on Saturday.

Chad Boat wins the Friday night A-Main, Dave Darland finishes third.

Adam Clarke wins Western Australin Midget Title

Neville Lance wins Australian Midget Title

2013 Cont

Adam Clarke wins Southern Australian Midget Title, the Victoria Australian Midget Title and the Brisbane Australian Midget Title

Bobby Michnowicz is crownd Mini Sprint King of California

Jacob Wilson wins Little 500, 7th time for a car with Super Shox!

Bronson Maeschen Knoxville 410 Points Champion

Nick Petska repeats as Wilmot Mini Sprint Champion

Danny Schlaffer wins MSA, Plymouth and EWSC Championships

Bill Balog breaks Joe Roe’s IRA win record of 61 fearure wins



2013 Cont

Bill Balog wins 6th consecutive IRA Championship with a 17 win season

Chris Windom wins USAC 4 Crown Sprint Car Race at Eldora

Jerrod Hull wins the Queens Royal and his 3rd consecutive MOWA Championship

Sammy Swindell wins the 26th annual Short Track Nationals at I-30 Speedway in Little Rock Arkansas

Dave Darland wins the Perris Oval Nationals for the 3rd time and 5th time in 8 years for a car with Super Shox!


Sammy Swindell wins his 3rd Chili Bowl race of Champions and Wednesdays Chili Bowl A-Main.

Kevin Swindell wins the Thursday Chili Bowl A-Main and then leads all 55 laps with Sammy running close behind to finish 1st and 2nd at the 26th Chili Bowl Midget Nationals

David Ellement wins the Western Australia Midget Title at Perths Kwinana Beach Motorplex

Ryan O’Connor wins the New Zealand Wing Thunder title



2012 Cont

Sammy Swindell wins the New Zealand Sprint Car Title at Ruapuna Speedway giving the Salters team the #1NZ for the 2012/2013 season. After the 15 heat races were finished the top three qualifying points were all on Super Shox with Swindell 1st, Brindle 2nd and Ryan O’Connonr 3rd.

Sammy Swindell starts the WoO seasons off as Dirt Car Nationals Champion

Wayne Johnson wins the ASCS Speedweek title

Sammy Swindell wins the Kings Royal at Eldora Speedway

Bronson Maeschen wins the first Capitani Classic



2012 Cont

Clint Garner wins the Knoxville 360 Championship

Nick Petska wins the WIMS and Wilmot Mini Sprint Championships

Mike Neau is the WIMS Rookie of the year

Ben Schmidt repeats as EWSC Champion

Bill Balog wins his 5th consecutive IRA title

Bill Balog wins 18 of 28 IRA races to set the modern day win record for the series.

Ryan Jamison wins the Sprint Invaders Championship

Jimmy Stinson 3rd Consecutive Skline Speedway Championship

Jerrod Hull Back to Back MOWA Championships


2012 Cont

Andy Shouse ASCS Race Saver Lone Star Nationals Champion

Wayne Johnson ASCS Lone Star Nationals Champion

Dustin Smith Buckey Outlaw Sprint Series Champion

Sammy Swindell lead the WoO Sprint Series with 13 wins, 14 fast time awards and quanified for every main event without using a provisional.

Bobby Michnowicz California Lightning Sprint Champion

Gary Owens Lawton Speedway Champion

Wayne Johnson ASCS Western World Champion


Super Shox makes its Dirt Late Model debut with Outlaw Race Parts and Shan Smith at East Pay Raceway

Kevin Swindell wins Chili Bowl to become the first back to back winner in the 25 year history of the event

Sammy Swindell wins his second IROC and finishes second in the Chili Bowl to make it the second year in a row with father and son on the podium

Eric Gordon finished second in the Little 500

Gary Wright wins the Masters Classic

Chris Windom is the Indiana Sprint Week Champion





2011 Cont

Tyler Walker wins the Kings Royal and Sammy Swindell finishes second to make it a Super Shox 1-2 finish

Sammy Swindell wins his third consecutive Front Row Challenge in Oskaloosa Iowa and receives the Jesse Hocket Mr. Sprint Car award for Iowa Speedweeks

Ben Schmidt and Al Schlaffer finish 1-2 in EWSC Sprint Car points at Manitowoc Wisconsin

Ben Schmidt and Danny Schlaffer finish 1-2 in Plymouth Dirt Track Sprint Car points

Ben Schmidt claims the MSA Championship



2011 Cont

Danny Schlaffer and Al Schlaffer finish 2-3 in MSA points

Brett Burdett wins the Gas City Sprint Car Championship

Justin Grant misses hot laps and heat races then races from last to 3rd in the B-main then 18th to 1st in the A-main at Gas City

Tommy Sexton claims back to back Wilmot Sprint Car Championships

Todd Lehr repeats as WIMS Champion

Sam Borden wins back to back 600 Upright Championships at Bakersfield Raceway

Jim Swain wins the Auto Value Super Sprint Championship


2011 Cont

Bill Balog wins fourth consecutive IRA title with a 12 win season

Sam Borden has back to back 20 win seasons and Bakersfield raceway titles in the 600 non-wing upright championships

Jerrod Hull win the inagural MOWA Championship

Cam Schaffer IMCA Sprint Car rookie of the year and Redwood Falls MN Track Champion

Travis Luedke IRA Rookie of the Year

Kevin Swindell Knoxville 410 Rookie of the Year

Tim Keading wins the inagural King of the West Championship

Shane Cottle wins the Kokomo Sprint Car points


The D9 Piston is developed and significantly improves the performance of the shock leading to more championships and wins.

Championship winners on Super Shox include:

Mike Hess wins Badger Midget Championship

Chris Windom wins Kokomo Sprint Car Championship

TJ Luedke EWSC Wing Sprint Champion with Kurt Davis second and Danny Schlafer in third

Tommy Sexton Jr. Wilmot Speedway Wing Sprint Champion, Brian Kristan second and Dave Uttech in third

Todd Lehr wins WI/IL Mini Sprint and Wilmot Mini Sprint

2010 Cont

Jerrod Hull wins Lake Ozark Nationals

Kurt Davis MSA and Plymouth Champion

Bill Balog IRA Champion

Jimmy Stinson OVSCA Champion

Jerrod Hull Midwest All-Star Champion

Sam Borden Bakersfield 600 Upright Champion

Craig Dollansky wins New Zealand International Series

Justin Grant USAC National Sprint Car Rookie of the Year

2010 Cont

 Major event wins on Super Shox include:

Kevin Swindell wins preliminary night A-Main and Saturday night A-Main at Chili Bowl. Sammy Swindell finishes third,Mike Hess in seventh and Daniel Adler in 15th

Sammy Swindell wins the Masters Classic, Front Row Challenge at Oskaloosa, IA, Thursday night Knoxville Nationals A-Main and leads 47 of 50 laps on Saturday until a flat tire ends his night.   He receives the Jesse Hocket Mr. Sprint Car award for Iowa Speedweeks.


2010 Cont

Eric Gordon wins the Little 500 for the sixth time on Super Shox

Jim Swain sets a new track record for Pavement Wing Sprint Cars at Berlin Raceway 12.799 at 123.197 MPH around the 7/16 mile speedway

Sammy Swindell wins Williams Grove National Open

Chris Windom wins USAC Perris Oval Nationals

Tim Keading wins Johnny Key Classic at Ocean Speedway CA


Sammy Swindell wins ASCS Western World

Tim Keading and Sammy Swindell win ASCS Western World preliminary races

Bill Balog wins back to back IRA championships

TJ Luedke wins MSA and EWSC Championships

Sammy Swindell sweeps all races to win Chili Bowl

Kevin Swindell wins Australian midget title

Tim Keading wins Trophy Cup after starting last

Mike Hess wins two features with Badger midgets at AngellPark

Sammy Swindell wins the Masters Classic


2009 Cont

Sammy Swindell wins Front Row Challenge at Oskaloosa, IA

Tim Keading wins Knoxville Nationals Thursday A-Main

Sammy Swindell wins Knoxville Nationals Friday A-Main

Brian Kristan wins Wilmot 410 race with a 360 motor


Brett Anderson wins POWRi Midget Championship

Knoxville 410 Champion Danny Lasoski in the Forbrook Car

Bill Balog wins IRA championship

Kevin Swindell wins USAC Western World

Wayne Modjeski wins MSA championship

Jacob Wilson wins USAC sprint car race at Salem

Jesse Hocket wins the Oval Nationals in Scott McMillen’s car


Sammy Swindell wins USAC Midget race at Las Vegas

Eugene Gregorich wins nine features and Marshfield Super Late model track championship

Tom Sexton wins Wilmot 410 championship


Sammy Swindell sweeps both nights with the Outlaws at Eldora

Jeff Walker and Dave Darland win back to back Oval Nationals

Jeremy Sherman wins ASCA championship with 10 wins at Manzanita

Kevin Swindell wins WoO race at Lowe’s Motor Speedway

Dave Steele wins USAC Silver Crown race at Iowa Speedway

Jay Drake wins USAC Sprint Car race at Iowa Speedway

Kurt Davis wins MSA race at Angell Park

Brian Kristan wins MSA non-wing race at Angell Park

Danny Schlafer wins MSA Championship

Dave Steele sets track record


Jack French and Eric Gordon win a record setting five Little 500’s

Jeff Walker and Dave Darland win Oval Nationals

Jeff Walker and Dave Darland win USAC Western World

Kevin Swindell wins five USCS Asphalt races and sets seven track records

Sammy Swindell wins Knoxville Nationals Friday A-Main

Steven Graham wins Australian midget title

Dave Darland wins USAC race at Winchester


The first Super Shox Double Adjustable Shock is launched and has immediate success

Jack French and Eric Gordon win fourth in a row Little 500

Doug Schenck wins back to back MSA championships

Kevin Swindell wins East Bay Mini Sprint Nationals

Mike Hess sets Midget Track Record at Eldora during USAC four crown

Sammy Swindell wins Don Martin Silver Cup


Jack French and Eric Gordon win third in a row Little 500

Sammy Swindell wins WoO race at Eldora

Dave Ely wins URC championship

Doug Schenck wins MSA championship

Jacob Mosely wins Tulsa Shootout 600 Multi Class


Jack French and Eric Gordon win back to back Little 500’s


Sammy Swindell wins Channel Lock Challenge at Bristol

Jack French and Eric Gordon win Little 500


The first Single Adjustable Shock is built and track tested

Sammy Swindell wins Channel Lock Challenge at Bristol

Sammy Swindell lead the most A- feature laps with the WoO to finish second in points


A line of Super Shox conversion kits is created to convert steel gas mono tube shocks to aluminum threaded bodies.

The first 100% Super Shox is used on David Ward’s pavement midget at Grundy County Speedway.

Sammy Swindell tests a set of Super Shox and wins two WoO races at Calistoga, CA. in his first two nights on them. He then made the switch permanent and has never looked back.

Jerry Coons Jr sets Angell Park Speedway single and six lap track record in Tom Pogo’s car.


  • The idea to build an aluminum mono tube gas shock for Sprint Cars and Midgets is born.