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Super Shox Custom Series Shox

Super Shox now offers the Custom Series for rear shock absorbers. Riders can select a custom spring color or finish for an over the top customized look and ride.

All orders for the Custom Series require payment at time of order and have an expected delivery date of up to 6 weeks from date of order.

Custom Spring Color/Finish

Riders can select from one of the following options:

Black (Standard)

Chrome adds $75.00 to the cost of a set of shocks

Powder Coated Color adds $125.00 to the cost of a set of shocks

For a special spring Powder Coated Color please select a color via the following link:

⊕ Custom Spring Powder Coat Colors

PLEASE NOTE: The images to the right are a representation of powder coat color options with 1,000 more to choose from.