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Racing Shocks

Racing is about winning. Super Shox are designed and built to give racers a winning edge with precision valvings, consistency, repeatability, adjustability and long life. With a proven history of winning races such as: 5 consecutive Chili Bowls, 8 Little 500’s, 5 Perris Oval Nationals, 2 Kings Royals, 2 Short Track Nationals, 3 Western Worlds, Multiple Australian Midget Titles, Knoxville Track Championships in 410, 360 and 305 plus many more, you can be sure your using shocks that give you the winning edge.

SX14 - Double Adjustable

SX14 – Double Adjustable


SX14 – Single Adjustable

SX14 Standard Shock

SX14 – Standard Shock

Product Comparison 

Super Shox are available in three basic configurations. All of which have our Insta-valve technology that allows the shock to react instantaniously to the track surface.

SX14 Standard is a fixed valve shock with a schrader valve. The perfect choice for the racer who does not need an adjustable shock.

SX14 Single Adjustable has a single external adjustment that can be set up for either compression or rebound adjustment. The adjustment can be made on the shock or set up to be done remotely by a cable and knob mounted in the cockpit. The single adjustable shock will cut your shock inventory in half thus saving the racer a substantial amount of money.

SX14 Double Adjustable has two independent external adjustments giving the user the ability to adjust compression or rebound. The adjustment can be made on the shock or set up to be done remotely by a cable and knob mounted in the cockpit. The Double Adjustable shocks will reduce your shock inventory by 75%.

The Double Adjustable shocks have proven to be the ultimate in versatility by winning on dirt one night to winning on pavement the next night. They have an amazing characteristic that make them feel soft enough to run thru the black on the slickest of dirt tracks to stiff enough to pound the heaviest cushion out there.  From mini sprints, midgets, non-wing sprint cars, wing sprint cars to late models these shocks will impress you on any surface that you race on!

The Super Shox Difference:

The difference between twin tube shocks like the gold shocks or the black ones or the blue is basically everything. Super Shox are mono-tube gas assist shocks that have significant design advantages:


  •  More oil capacity =  Better cooling
  • Larger piston = More control from initial movement to high speed
  • Divided gas chamber = No cavitation
  • All aluminum construction = Light weight
  • Deflective disc valve stack = Precise valving and repeatability
  • Repairable = Cost savings on damaged shocks
  • Upgradeable = Cost savings when adding adjustment options
  • Revalveable = Cost savings when new shock valving is desired

The difference between Super Shox and other mono tube gas shocks is in the details:

  • Low seal drag = Better driver feel on slick tracks
  • Low gas pressure = Better driver feel on slick tracks
  • 7/16 diameter shaft for low multiplication of rod pressure = Better driver feel on slick tracks
  • Light weight synthetic oil = Fade free consistent results
  • High flow digressive piston = More control with the valve stack
  • Multi stage valve stack = Better weight transfer on slick tracks and high speed control on rough heavy tracks

Super Shox on your car:

  • The same feel from start to finish
  • More consistency and stability
  • Repeatability
  • No fade performance during the race
  • Greatly improved feel for the car
  • Higher driver confidence
  • Better driver input

What drivers say about Super Shox:

“The car feels like it is in slow motion”
“I can feel the rear tires gripping the track”
“The car feels very stable”
“The car felt the same from start to finish”
“I can feel the car change with every shock adjustment”

Other Super Shox Advantages:

  • Lower repair cost than other brands
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Quick turnaround on repairs
  • Long shock life
  • Lifetime valving guarantee

More About Super Shox

Our Focus: We deliver a high quality product to racers to meet their needs for on-track performance with managed costs. Our Shox are fabricated to last for many years with minimal maintenance costs.  When repairs are needed, we have a fixed labor rate so you always know what to expect.  We can also accommodate custom builds to meet your specific valving parameters. More importantly, we’ll get the work done quickly and so you can get back to what you do best, racing!

Our Product and Service: These are not mass produced imported shocks repackaged to be sold as racing shocks.   They are specifically engineered for their precise application.   All of our parts are machined in-house from billet materials to tight tolerances that ensure an exact and long lasting product. We hand assemble and dyno test each shock to meet our strict specifications to guarantee consistent production of a high quality shock. Our repair department transitions broken shocks to like-new condition for typically 20-50% of the cost of a new shock and working perfectly before your next race!

Our Warranty:  Because of our attention to detail and commitment to build the highest quality Shock, we back up our product with a lifetime valving warranty. If you ever think your Shox is not performing as it should, ship it to our team of experts for evaluation.  If the performance deficiency can be attributed to a valving issue and not normal use, the cost to restore the valving is covered at no cost to you.