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Motorcycle FAQ

What does the shock do and why does it make a difference?

A:   The purpose of the shock is to control the action of the spring.   The combination of the spring and the shock provides the ride characteristics.    A properly designed spring and shock combination enables the suspension movement so that energy can be absorbed by the shock rather than being transmitted to your bike.   Super Shox highly advanced shock design provides a very high level of control and freedom of movement to smooth out all the little bumps in the road and minimize the impact of the big hits.

What makes Super Shox different from other brands in the market?

A:   Super Shox for Harley-Davidson provides a riding experience that is unmatched in the marketplace.  They have a very light initial movement to let the suspension move freely, along with advanced valving to control the more substantial impacts.  This one-two punch allows Super Shox to eat up those little shutter bumps while still having the ability to handle the larger impacts when they come along. As ride is dependent on loading, Super Shox has integrated a calibrated pre-load adjuster to not only allow you to optimize your ride quality for solo riding but also for 2 up riding and loaded up saddle bags.

How much does it lower my bike?

A:   Super Shox sets the seat height at the same height as a factory low shock. Factory shocks come in two lengths 13” standard that typically ride at 12-1/2” – 12-3/4” or the 12” lowered shocks that rides at 11-1/2” to 11-3/4” Super Shox recommends setting the ride height at 11.5” center to center on the shock bolts with the rider sitting on the seat, as we have found this offers the best ride quality.

How much do Super Shox cost?

A:   Super Shox are an incredible value for a Made In USA precision machined, race quality, DYNO tuned shock. For pricing on a set of Super Shox that suits you best email info@supershox.com

What is the warranty?

There is a 30 day money back guarantee.   So you can buy with confidence, we are absolutely positive that once you have experienced the ride with Super Shox you will be questioning why you did not do this sooner.  All our shocks carry a limited lifetime warranty for the repair of any manufactures defect for the life of the product. Damage caused by misuse, improper installation, or use beyond the designed intention of the shock are not covered by the warranty.

Where are Super Shox made?

A:  All Super Shox are manufactured, assembled and tested in our facility in Grayslake Illinois.  We are proud to say Made in the USA.

What style of shock are Super Shox?

A:   Super Shox are gas assist mono tube shocks built using similar internal parts as our high performance line of racing shocks.

What are Super Shox made from?

A:  Super Shox are manufactured out of aircraft grade aluminum with anodized finish. The mounting points have spherical bearings for bind free movement and long life.