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Super Shox Racing – Testimonials


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the service, support and for building what I consider to be the best shock for Sprints and Midgets today.

Before I had to have over 60 shocks in my trailer now I have 12 double adjustable Super Shox with many more combination’s. Super Shox make the car very stable and predictable from start to finish and night to night and they never fade. It is a big advantage to be able to adjust the shocks to fine tune the car during the event. The service and dependability of Super Shox is another advantage that keeps us in the winners circle.

Super Shox has helped Kevin and I win many races, and I believe they have the most options of any shock on the market today. We started using Super Shox in September of 1999 and have used them on all our cars from 600 Mini-sprints to dirt and pavement Midgets and Sprints. For any shock application, Super Shox has a solution.


3 Time WoO Champion

5 Time Chili Bowl Champion

Sammy Swindell

Racer, Swindell

I would just like to thank Brian and everyone at Super Shox for everything they have done for us this year.  The shocks were great and never faded throughout the race like the shock I used to use did.  I think one of the best things about them is being able to adjust them while on the track if you miss the setup some all it takes is a click or two and your going forward.  Overall it was a very good year, and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to get that edge over your competitors.


Brett Anderson

Hi Brian,

The new shox felt great. Night and day difference vs what we were running before. I finished 8th out of 39 Friday night at the Jackson Nationals after starting 16th. Saturday we were second high point man and started on the front row. The radius rod bolt broke 10 laps in while challenging for the lead ending our night. We were beating some really good cars at the time: Brian Brown, Brooke Tatnell, etc. I absolutely love the shox and happy I made the switch.

Brad Barickman

Super Shox are awesome, the quality of the product and the attention to detail that Brian and his staff put into each and every shock is second to none. I have used these shocks on my dirt and pavement cars and the reponse I get from my drivers after their first race is that this is the best car I have driven. They all feel the stability and control that Super Shox give the car, when a driver is comfortable he is fast and that wins me races!

One of the nicest things that come with the shocks is the book that has all of the set up information in it. That has really helped me to get the shocks dialed in quickly. The remote adjustment knobs work perfectly and you can feel each click so you know exactly what your doing.

Jeff Walker

My first impressions with Super Shox is the car felt very stable and effortless to drive. Unlike the way my cars used to drive where I had to saw at the wheel to even go straight with the Super Shox I felt in complete control and was able to hold the wheel straight and roll into the corner. Which is pretty nice for an old timer like myself. My only regret so far is that I should have made the change to Super Shox a long time ago.


Jim Moughan

I Bought a used set of your double adjustable shocks for my microsprint and ran them at Playday and this is the greatest shock I have ever used. You guys should advertise these more, they are the best shock I have ever run on my car, we have been points champions in our group and wish I could have had these years ago. Send me some price sheets, I can probably sell some of these, and will strongly recommend these to everyone.


Brian, I’ve been lax in keeping you updated on how our race car has been performing with the double adjustable Supershox.
In 2008 we (driver Jeff Cashmore from Milwaukee) won the SCCA D Mod National Championship.

We just returned from the 2009 SCCA national Championships in Lincoln, NE where Jeff won the D Modified title again this year. Jeff also won the Eastern States title in Blytheville, AR, the Central Division title, and the Mid West Division title. We are running a home built, 2 liter, Honda engine against pro built, 2 liter, Ford Cosworth engines.


Thanks for your support.
Del Long

This is the third season on our Super Shox, and I just love them. I was so sick and tired of buying shocks every year! I was starting to have a pile of shocks that I would not use because for some reason or another the valving was wrong. I would dyno them at the end of the season and find that a shock I had only run two or three times was 2 numbers off. From a 4 valving to a 2 valving. Well what can you do with that!! I talked to Brian, the owner of Super Shox and he spent a very long time answering my questions. I bought a set of shocks from him and have used them for 3 years! No rebuild, no dyno’s just bolt them on and forget it! We no longer run the gauntlet of trying different shocks all the time. We have a few different Super Shox for various track conditions and that is it. It is such peace of mind knowing that my shock problems are handled! Thanks Super Shox for making such a fine product and saving racers money.

Bill Walker

Super Sprint #53 Devils Bowl Speedway, MesquiteTexas, Waller Enterprises, Inc.

Each track we race at with the IRA, has it’s own personality and Super Shox easily adapt. Big or small tracks, slick or heavy doesn’t matter. From the moment we installed the Double Adjustable Shocks we became a top five car, & winning races along the way. These shocks were a HUGE factor in securing our Championships. I would like to Thank Brian & everybody at Super Shox for the support.


Bill Balog

Racer, Buesser Concrete

I was skeptical at first that a gas shock would work on the slick but after winning at Eldora and seeing how well the car handled made me a believer in Super Shox! Since then I have seen first hand how well these shocks work on all different types of tracks. I dyno my shocks after every race and Super Shox are by far the most consistent, repeatable and durable shocks I have ever used. In 2008 I ran 40 plus races on the same 4 shocks and they still dyno out to the same as when they were new and that is something I have never seen from any other shock.

The double adjustable shocks are definitely the way to go, these shocks have every valving combination that anyone would ever want to use and being able to fine tune the car with the turn of a knob is great. Every driver that has been in my car gets out and says “that is the best car I have ever driven!” I really believe that a big part of that comes from the shocks and what the shocks have enabled me to do with the other parts of my race car. Hands down these are the best shocks for sprint cars today!

Guy Forbrook


I have won more races and money with Super Shox than any other shock period!  With five Little 500 wins in a row that’s hard to beat. When you run 500 laps at Anderson that puts a beating on a shock plus winning at Winchester and Salem, then you know you got something good! One of the big advantages of Super Shox is being able to fine tune the shock on both compression and rebound. This allows me to get the car dialed in race after race and keep the set up balanced. The result is a car that stays fast all race long and gives the driver the confidence to run hard.


Jack French

“Salem is a pretty rough racetrack anyway with its surface. The bumps can really throw you around. Our car looked like we were driving on glass compared to anybody else’s.” Team manager Jack French used Super Shox to win 5 Little 500’s in row and we know why now!


Clinton Wilson

Super Shox are amazing! My new crew chief really enjoyed working with them this weekend.
Our motor was probably the smallest one out at Jackson last night with only 630 hp that cost only $8,000 running against some heavy hitters with $52,000 motors. I think I would have finished 5th because I was up to 6th until a guy did a bad slide job and ran me off the track and lost 7 positions.
Overall we had so much fun and LOVE your shox. Saturday we decided to run I-90 Speedway in Hartford SD to see how the shox work on a 3/8 mile track and had another great night starting 14th and finishing 3rd.
Greg Gunderson

 “SPRINTO specializes in SCCA Modified Production cars. We compete against cars with double and triple adjustable shocks. SuperShox took our chassis data, and track surface information and developed a nonadjustable SuperShox that helped us win the 2001 SCCA D Modified National Championship. With the SuperShox we had a .862 second per lap advantage. That car sold very shortly after the 2001 event, and I immediately ordered another set of SuperShox for the next car.”

Del Long


Hey Brian

From the first set of hot laps I knew these were some bad ass shocks now after four weeks we can see the improvements. Everywhere we’ve been we’ve been fast and in the top five. Thing’s are sure easier when you have good shocks! Super Shox are GREAT I cannot believe everyone does not have them because there is no comparison to the other shocks out there!

Thanks for your help



Bubba Altig

Mecum Racing #67

Hello Brian, Here is a picture of Brian Wallace’s 600 mini-sprint. He won the track championship at Bakersfield Raceway, located in Linton, In. We had an above average year in racing, largely due to the consistency of your products. He only scored one feature this season, but had an astounding 20 top fives and 12 fast times during qualifying. I’m really proud to see him accomplish all of this in a car we sold him, with Super Shox providing a great working product that can be depended upon.

I had a total of five feature wins this year, running a partial schedule. I apologize for not having all the stats together, but I had numerous heat wins and fast times. I truly love Super Shox, simple as that. If I’m a little off on the setup, a simple click or two can put you back in the race. In this day and age, dry slick racetracks seem to prevail. It’s nice to be able to keep up with the ever changing track conditions. I would not spend my money on anything other than Super Shox. I look forward to our continued relationship, and thank you for the technical advice as well.


Kent Schmidt

Revolution Chassis