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Super Shox Motorcycle – Testimonials

“Immediately noticeable was being more comfortable and more importantly, more stable and in control,  in two words HOLY CRAP”     “What really set it off-realizing after getting to the top of the drive, I didn’t notice the transition point from the road to the driveway that always jarred my back.”   To see complete review visit Gary’s blog at:  http://bogiesreviews.webs.com/Review%20-%20Super%20Shox.pdf
Gary 'bogie' Bogolin

Bogies Reviews

“Dead-Sexy shocks that perform as good as they look!”
Bagger Magazine

“After reading Bogies review about these shocks back in June, I decided to give them a try. I currently have 2 touring bikes, (11′ FLHTC & 12′ FLHRX). Have another brand on the 11 and stock air ride on the 12′ , well not any more. First off craftsmanship is excellent, good looking stuff! Ride quality is unbelievably better than stock, and I personally think way better that the other brand. So much so that I sold them to a buddy and purchased a second set for the 11′. Adjustability is quick and easy. Got 2200 miles on them so far and very pleased! Rarely, am I impressed by anything I buy, these were worth every penny!”
Brandon C.

Quinton, Virginia

These shocks are the best.   I never rode a Harley that was so smooth.   Made my bike feel like a totally different ride.  I cannot thank Brian enough for the opportunity to feel what my bike should be.
Mike Pieper

Fox River Cycle Burlington, Wisconsin

“When I got on Hwy 73 in Jersey and hit the section of the road that goes from concrete to asphalt every 25 feet, it normally sends a jolt up my back and I didn’t feel a thing, then hitting the exit ramp that is rough and would make my bike step out and now it just rails through with total control, I knew that I had the best shocks I could get on my bike!  I really LOVE these shocks!”
Marcus S.

Haddenfield, New Jersey

I enjoy the smooth ride over the bumps and holes but what really impressed me was how much better the bike handles the curves.    The bike used to be hard to hold a line when hitting bumps in the turns and now it carves the corners providing much more confidence and control.”    


Chicago, Illinois

“After switching to Super Shox I immediately noticed a smoother ride on the roads I regularly travel.  The bike now just soaks up bumps that it used to hop over.”       


Antioch, Illinois

“Improved the total ride experience”
Michele R.

McHenry Road Pirates

“I give them a big 10, Best thing I did for my bike and my back”
John M.

Revere, Ma.

“Just a short note to say how much I like the Super Shox and how great the customer service is. I have had shocks from two other manufactures and these shocks are far superior to either of those. And the customer service is nothing short of GREAT. ”

Bob N.

New Castle, Delaware

My wife loved the ride 10 minutes into the trip.   The ride is much improved over the previous aftermarket shocks we had.  They really do suck up the small bumps.    Very happy with the purchase.
James S.

Poughkeepsie, NY

They are very nice and offer a much smoother ride than stock shocks. Things like expansion joints in the road seems to all but disappear.  Nice product!
Martin M.

Crystal Lake, Ill.

The Super Shox were installed on 9/4/2015. Like most husbands, I didn’t tell my wife I spent more money on my bike. On 9/5/2015, my wife and I set out for 400 mile weekend ride. 20 miles into the ride, my wife asked me “ When did you get the bike fixed?”

She was referring to the much improved ride. She could not believe how the dips and bumps seemed so much less of an issue. Typically, after a long ride, she complains of a sore neck or back pain.

After the 400 mile trip, she reported to feel fine. That’s enough for me to be satisfied, but the Super Shox also greatly improved the stability and how the bike handles overall. I wish I had installed your shocks sooner, really glad I have them now! I will recommend the Super Shox to my fellow riders.

Mark S.

Johnsburg, Ill.

These are amazing shocks, quite a difference in the ride compared to the air shock previously on the motorcycle.


Larry W.

Kenosha, Wi.

All I can say is WOW!     
Mark W.

Holbrook, NY

…I needed to upgrade my suspension after some lower back issues sidelined me last year, very disappointing for me.  I decided to go with the Super Shox after reading and watching the videos over and over. I received the shocks and had time to install them (took about 20 minutes).  Fired her up and went around the block, I’m speechless! The first thing I noticed was just leaving my driveway and the sloped curb, it usually gives me a good jolt, but not the case. During the ride I caught myself looking for the bumps. I put about 75 miles on with my original setting and really noticed how bad my front end was.  My back didn’t hurt bad, any discomfort I had was most likely from my riding posture. One of the roads on my way to work looks like the boards used in the bobber video, only about 5 miles of it, usually kills me.  I feel GREAT today!  Really glad I made this purchase.  The next test is to get the wife out and see what her opinion is.
Ken S

Seven Hills, OH

Received my Super Shox on Friday the 17th and installed them. I took out my scooter for a test ride early Sat. morning (solo @50 mil.) and instantly could tell the difference. Picked up my wife and we took a 4.5 hour ride and everything that I’ve heard and expected was true, it was like a totally different bike (2016 FLTRXS). This is by far the BEST accessory I have done to my bike so far and wish it would have been the first. Thanks everyone at Super Shox for making a GREAT product and helping me figure out what set up was best for my style of riding. Customer forever (TEXAS).



Charles Thompson



George P


Just wanted to say thanks for the best dam shock I’ve tried. Wish I would of heard of you earlier. Keep.up the good work. I will definitely let my friends know about your product .

Ed B


The shocks are a huge improvement over stock. And I can go up my driveway without dragging my pipes now!

Earl H

IA, 2019 Tri-Glide

Shocks are great, jokingly told my wife they were for her birthday, after our ride I think I could of got away with that.

Thanks for a great ride.

Marty S

IA, 2020 Road Glide Limited

Just wanted to to know I took my wife for her first ride the other day. I dialed in a good number on the shox and the bike performed amazing. I am a member of several Indian Motorcycle groups on FB. I posted your web-site in a few groups and told peeps how pleased I was with your product.

Travis H

2019, Indian Scout

Loving them. Once again best shock I’ve had, worked great on my RoadGlide so had no doubt they will work just as great on my dyna. Thank y’all for a great product and great service and keeping them made in American.

Christopher B

VA, 2001 FXDXT

Absolutely best customer service I have ever dealt with. Brian personally walked me through all my options. Having a shorter inseam I went with the XSL series. Once I got them I immediately put them on and went for a ride. Absolutely incredible. I on purpose hit bumps that I know hurt my back with the other shocks. No more bone jarring pick you up off the seat hits. I was also able to hold a better line in corners. Felt more connected with the road. But the best thing for me is these shocks are made to be used with the relocation brackets which now I can fully flat foot and have some bend in my knees. Not nervous about maneuvering on gravel anymore. Keep up the great work.

Ryan A

IL, 2014 FLHX

I Don’t know how to post a review so I’ll send it this way and maybe you can post it. Shorten it up or whatever you need to do with it. I do love the shocks! 

I’ve only had experience with of course the Harley oem adjustable rear shock and the older Harley oem air shocks, Legend Air and Dirty Air with the 5” long travel aluminum shocks. 

Upfront let me say that Air has advantages. Especially in curb appeal. If your wanting to get low it’s gonna take Air. If you show your bike it’s gonna take Air. 

I’m aware that a lot of people just mostly cruise local so really anything on the market could possibly fit there needs. 

But I like to see as much country as I can when I ride so on average I ride 500-550 a day on a 10-12 day trip. Now my kids are grown my wife rides with me. I begin to realize the Greatest thing I needed from my bike was missing, ride quality. 

I planned us a trip to Canada and we were riding on Air ride. My wife constantly reminded that surely Harley’s weren’t this rough over bridges and bumps in the road? Over the years I had just come to accept the poor ride quality of Air. But Then our second trip came where we enjoyed compressor failure. So I began to read and explore more options and discovered Super Shox in a post and decided I had waisted my share on Air and thought why not at least try something in a different direction?  I Emailed the company explaining what I was looking for in a shock and ask if they could help. Brian responded within the day and told me in detail what he offered and told me I would be more than satisfied. So I ordered. I’ll be honest and say I never knew a Harley Davidson had this ride potential. The Super Shox is great Solo but it really really really shines when your 2 up loaded. If your serious about riding comfortably and you are considering a 10 day trip averaging 500miles a day with 2-up I’m convinced nothing could even come close. We rode a 770 mile day and a 810 day following and when I ask my wife what she thought about the ride she said Super Shox’s were pretty “SUPER”! 

Enough Said 

Thanks Again for everything 

Jim H

MS, 2010 FLTR

Just wanted to say thank you!!  I swapped 13” legend revo a for your Premium SL shocks and I’m blown away by them, ride quality and stability is amazing!  Your shocks also now made it known how shitty the legend front cartridges are that I have.  Any chance you’ll start making making front suspension?

Mike S

WI, 2021 FLTRX

Hi Brian

Just to let you know I am extremely happy with my Super Shox Premium SL.

They took a bit to get the ride right, but the bike now handles and rides so much better.

The lower ride height makes a huge difference too.

They have taken that jarring wack from the smaller bumps out of the bike and made it feel more like a sports bike than a cruiser.

So happy I have made the switch from the OEM to your Super Shox.


Ian C

Australia, 2020 FLHTK


I used these on my 2016 Ultra from Seattle to Florida, up to Virginia and back to include the dragon. I have absolutely zero complaints. Fully loaded Ultra was smooth, solid it the turns, and great on the crazy roads on the reservations of Arizona. 

Do you make these for a 2016 Road Glide CVO? I live and work in Japan and want a set for my big bike here. 

Your shocks are completely awesome.

Fred C

WA, 2016 FLHTK

Love them super shox could tell immediate difference great product wish I would have bought sooner

David S

IN, 2014 FLHTK

FINALLY the weather here in northern Illinois (Lincolnshire/Deerfield) has turned into good riding weather. I just finished installing my set of Premium LT SuperShox I bought (from UKES HD) during the winter for my 2015 Ultra Limited and took a 75 mile ride.

I purposely rode over all the rough sections and railroad crossings in the northern burbs and into southern Wisconsin that I knew of, to give the new SuperShox a good evaluation. I must say that the difference between the stock HD shocks and your SuperShox was very noticeable. It goes without saying I’m a VERY HAPPY customer! The ride was much smoother, turns were more “solid” feeling and the previously rough roads and train tracks that my wife could feel up and down her spine are now “non-events”.

I usually don’t wrench on my cycle, but your instructions w/pictures were easy to follow and even though I had never installed shocks before the entire install only took me about 45 minutes (I worked slow). I’m pleased with my purchase and glad to support a “made in the USA” and local company like yours.

Rob W.

Lincolnshire, IL 2015 FLHTK

Hi Brian, I don’t know how to thank you enough!! You really have your product dialed in!! Man I took my wife around the neighborhood because I know the roads are usually NOT 2 up friendly, what a nice ride, I hit whatever came along without having to serpentine around the ruff stuff awesome, awesome awesome!

Thank you so much!

Mike Z

WI 2016 FLHX

I LOVE my Super Shox…   The ride on my 2006 Road King has never been smoother.    Read all about the install in the next issue of American Iron Garage, available on newsstands August 11th.
Ken McCurdy

American Iron Garage

“Wanted to post a quick update…after riding my bike for over 2000 miles with these GREAT Super Shox, I must say that my bike has never handled so good or been so smooth. I honestly think that my bike rides better and smoother with every mile I put on these shocks. I had a tech from Rekluse Performance Clutch ride my bike after doing an adjustment during the 75th Sturgis Rally and he told me that my bike handled better and rode smoother then new 2014 and 2015 models that he has ridden.
Any new bike I get, one of the first mods I will make will be a set of Super Shox. I highly recommend these shocks!!”
Ken McCurdy

American Iron Garage

I have a 2012 flhtc. I bought a pair of Super Shox about 2 months ago. I had test rode another brand solo and with my wife. They handled great on turns etc but couldn’t tune it in comfort wise for the wife and by the time I loaded the shocks for a 2 up weight the “sag” was gone. I brought them back to the dealer who then turned me to the Super Shox that just came in a day earlier. Put those on the bike and went for the same test rides I made with the other shocks and all I can say is they were great! Solo or 2 up they responded well to bumps and kept me flat footed even with the 2 up weight load. 5’8 with a 30″ inseam I wanted to be secure and the Super Shox gave me that. The most important part is my wife literally had no complaints, which is why I was able to get the shocks in the first place. Super Shox gave me what I needed and was looking for, I couldn’t go wrong. Great design, super easy adjustment with guide on the shocks. Great overall product. Brian was also very helpful and went above and beyond to make sure I had all my questions answered. Couldn’t have felt better about my purchase like the one we made with super Shox!!


Kal K.

Milwaukee, Wi.

“I have run Super Shox before so when Brian asked me to try out these Harley shocks I knew they would make a difference.    What surprised me was how much!   Previously, railroad tracks near my house would send a shock through by back, now I don’t even slow down, the bike just floats right over.”    

David W.

Manteno, Illinois

“Installed my new Super Shox Motorcycle shocks last week….wow, what a great ride. Easy to install, adjust the pre-load setting and enjoy a smooth ride. The ride both solo and 2-up are smooth no matter what bump in the road I attempted to hit. These shocks eliminate the jarring spikes that you get with the Harley factory air ride, it is now literally like riding on air. My wife (passenger) is very happy with the new ride…..I no longer need to yell back to her “bump” to prepare her for a bump in the road…..we just glide over it. Thanks Brian Goscinski and the Super Shox team!”
Paul P.

Mesa, Arizona

“Really Fantastic.  I now find more pleasure in riding my bike, even on the rough roads in Quebec.   My travels are now very smooth.”
Yves B.

Quebec, Canada

“Best ride I ever had on a Harley”
Scott G.

“My new set of super shox works great. The first thing I noticed was no bumps. After a pre set check and a short 100 mi. ride I left your factory setting where it was as it worked perfectly for my needs. I hit a chuck hole at 70 mph and the bike stayed on track. The old Harleys would have put my butt in the air and maybe even lost control of my bike. cudos to all involved at your shop.”
Darrel W.

Beuna Park, Calif.

These shocks are great, I never thought shocks could make my bike ride and handle this well!!!   I saw the article in American Bagger which made me get a set, best thing I could have done.  Thanks 
John A.

Ontario, Canada

I stopped by your shop to pick up a pair of shocks for my ’15 Road Glide. After having trouble from day 1 with the crap air shocks not holding air on my bike I couldn’t resist the 30 day trial Super Shox put up. I went straight home to perform the install and test drove the bike around the block and was beyond impressed by that 1 block ride. Now, 1000 miles and 1 month later I have the settings at the perfect compromise between solo and 2-up and haven’t had to mess with them since. These shocks just soak up the road imperfections and make back breaking bridge joints on a highway almost unnoticeable now. Thank you for the awesome shocks, my wife and I look forward to many more miles with them.
Brad H.

Palatine, Ill.

Just put on your new Harley shocks, and took my street glide for a ride OMG! I can’t believe the difference, it’s nite and day! They are not even dialed in yet, and I’m way impressed! You guys have one hell of a nice product, and worth every penny! THANKS!
Patrick T.

Just wanted to drop you guys a line.   I put your shocks on and WOW, WOW, WOW.    What a major improvement.  Train tracks are like they don’t exist, big bumps are mellow.   Never before has one component change made such a difference.  When I actually aim for the bumps just to feel the stability and ride, you know there working GREAT!  Thanks again Brian & Brian, Your service was second to none.
Art M.

Ontario, Canada

Awesome product, ride great, easy to adjust and look bad ass… 
Adam B.

Conroe, Texas

I’ve ridden some miles on some rough NYC roads and can’t believe the difference in ride quality. Your product is no less than amazing


Anthony R


I had heard about Super Shox a couple months ago at Conrad’s HD in Joliet, IL when I was about to get a set of mini apes . I was having issues with the stock adjustable air suspension not maintaining pressure from one day to the next. I was contemplating Progressive when the parts guy Toby told me about Super Shox. I’m very glad that he did . I called Brian at Super Shox first thing this morning to confirm the model shocks for my bike – a 2015 Ultra Limited and our riding habits- 2 up 90% of the time . One year from the day I bought it and 2 days before a cross country trip I decided I’d do something about the suspension and never have to deal with fiddling with the stock air suspension pressure again. It took me just about as long to drive back and forth to the dealership for them as it did to install them, and preset for the load- which was less than 20 minutes. I just took the first test ride post-installation. I took a route that I know well that has many expansion joints , slight transitions of old asphalt to new and parking lot entrance where the asphalt meets concrete and there is a defined difference in elevation. It went from the usual “cringe and jolt” to “steady as she goes and ride on”. I am thoroughly impressed by these shocks. If I ever hear anyone asking about shocks for their bike I will definitely be steering them to (Brian and) Super Shox. I just wish HD would have had a contract with them as a stock Ultra Limited installed item. Thank you very much. Can’t wait to try them out on our 2000+ mile round trip to CO.


Charles Partak


This is my 2nd purchased of Super Shox’s for my Harley Davidson’s.

The first motorcycle is a 2010 Harley FLHTCUSE5. The ride was unbelievably better.

The second motorcycle is a 2017 Harley Tri Glide FLHTCUTG. I never thought a trike, with a straight axel rear end, could EVER ride as smooth as a 2 wheeler. I was wrong. The Super Shox’s completely stopped the “out of the seat bumps” on our lovely Wisconsin roads and made the small bumps almost unnoticeable.

Some other reason’s for my purchase, Super Shox’s are American Made and have an outstanding lifetime warranty. Thanks Super Shox ! Keep up the good work !

Jeff L


Brian you and your team where first notch . I called with alot of questions and they were all answered . I explained to you that my wife and I were going on a ride . And you guaranteed me the shocks would be at my house before our ride . They arrived on time and kari and I enjoyed our couples weekend on our bikes . I will say these shocks are top notch Kari and I barley felt any bumps . It made the bike feel completely different. A much smoother of a ride . I will recommend your product to anyone that asks me . Brian kari and I would like to thank you personally for all the help and customer service you have shown us . We are very pleased.
Thank you
Kari & Nick B

Nick & Kari B

WI, 2018 FLHX

We had a wonderful time last weekend.  The ride was 1000 miles in 3 days, interstate,  two lane and curves everywhere.  The new supershox that were installed right before the trip, were amazing! 

It took a couple of tries to get them dialed in, but after that smooth ride. 

The wife woukd always stiffen up when a bump in the road appeared, 

By the the end of day one she was so relaxed. Made the ride more enjoyable for me too. 

Thank you.

Allen V


Hi Brian, I just would like to say that the shocks made the trip to Sturgis a lot better. Even the wife said that the ride was better  then the air shocks. We had to turn up the shocks one click up on the way out, I weighed all the bags that went in or on the bike and set the shock before leaving.  When running the twistiest in the park area it handled excellent. We ran in the rain on the way home and we’re on a section of road where the asphalt was missing and we were on dirt (muddy/gravel) road I could see the my buddy was slipping a little bit the wife ask if I was ok I bike is doing fine. Don’t know if it was driver, tires, or shocks or all of the above. Again thank you and your team for the shocks to make the ride better.

Russ M


I installed the Platinum shocks today and have about 50 miles on them. I just wanted to tell you how great they are. I cannot believe the ride, and the ability to dial in the the firmness is amazing. Thank you again for making such a great product!

Best regards,

Jim H


These are great shocks and worth the wait. Totally changed the ride and feel of the bike. Much much better ride and handling over stock.

Cody S


Cody S


Put around a hundred miles solo, 120 miles two up. Preload solo on 1,  two up, 4.5. Very pleased with the ride. Rode on especially poor road when two up. Bike went through it great. Asked the wife what she thought “about what?” was her reply. Last time on the same road we were both getting beat to death and she had plenty to say! I’ll work with the fine tuning a little but have no complaints where the current setting is. Only bottomed out once while two up on particularly big bump.

Frank C

NE, 2017 FLHXS

I put them on last night when they arrived and put about 50 miles on them,   Man what a difference!!!   They just soak up the bumps and the difference in handling is unbelievable.  The slightly lowered seat height is an added bonus.    I can’t thank you enough!!!   Can’t wait to get some real miles on them.

Chad H

WI, 2006 FLHT

Sorry its taken me a bit to get back to you its been a busy summer.

Just wanted to drop a line and tell you thank you! These shocks are bad a** ! I haven’t had a chance to get the wife on for a good ride yet but I know she’ll love them too! They made my bike feel like a whole new world opened up! I no longer cringe when I see a bump coming up. 

There is a road on my way to work that I hated going down, other riders and myself would go out of our way to avoid it because it was so rough!  No joke, I could at best go 35mph down it and still get beat to hell weaving trying to find a decent spot to ride. I put the supershox on and I was running 75-80 and barely felt anything! Supershox will be the first upgrade to any bike I ever have!

Thank you! 

Damon B

TX, 2009 FLTRSE3

Hi Brian,  Thank you so much for getting these to me.   Arrived Saturday evening.  Installed Sunday AM.  easy, Peasy.  Took an 80 or so mile ride with the wife on back.   Got them dialed in nicely @ 6.5.  (~350 lbs)   nice smooth ride.   I found myself looking for bumps to test them on.  Excellent product.   Rides like a dream now.  

Thank You.

Dave B

MA, 2017 FLHTK

Amazing ride, so much more comfortable, firm and holds the road. Very happy with purchase, glad Superstition Harley recommended you!

Brian D

AZ, 2017 FLHXS

Thanks brian, got shocks on this morning and did about 125 mile ride, what a difference, small cracks and bumps are not even felt now, cornering is much better,, very happy feel like i am on a totally different bike, highly recommend these shocks looking for full out performance, keep up the great work.

Mike D

Great customer service, very helpful. Fantastic product, very well made and in the USA. Short ride and I can tell the difference. Can’t wait for a longer ride.

Martin T

IL, 2020 FLTRX


I went for a ride today and the improvement is pretty incredible.  Expansion joints that used to bump me off the seat at 70mph are significantly smoother, and a washboard section of road is hardly noticeable.  Something I didn’t expect is how they feel on fairly smooth road.  Vibrations through the seat are essentially gone.  I have a long trip coming up soon, and I can imagine 7-8 hours on the road will be much, much better.



Bill C