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Super Shox – FTR

Fits 2019 – 2022 FTR1200 / FTR1200S / FTR Rally / FTR Carbon1200S

The Super Shox FTR shock gives riders a higher level of confidence and control with a 1″ lower the seat height (3/4″ on 22 FTR Carbon 1200S) for improved footing at a stop. With the lower center of gravity, it gives this hot rod a whole new feel that will impress you with improved handling that even the most aggressive rider will find addictive. The shock also keeps the tire contact patch stable and connected to the road making the FTR even more fun to ride. We were also able to increase travel to allow the suspension to work over the bigger bumps and holes without the rider noticing the rough spots. With easy to adjust and tune preload like no other shock you will have the setting that best suits you and your riding style. Stability and comfort are vastly improved resulting in a far greater level of control when twisting the throttle, ripping around the back roads or just out for a casual ride. The FTR was made to be ridden hard and this shock enhances the bikes capabilities. 

Backed by the Super Shox money back policy and lifetime warranty there is no reason not to find out what your missing!

This can be purchased as a shock only upgrade that uses the stock spring to keep cost down or by adding a custom spring that you choose the color of. Changing the spring is easy to do with our step by step instruction and does not require any special tools so you can add a spring anytime.

Ideally suited for riders 150-300 lb / 450 lb max combined load with a passenger.

Shock only $375.00 (Order # RT1-100010)

Optional custom color spring $200.00 (Order # RT1-100020)

To select a color: Powder Coating Powder, Colors & Supplies | Prismatic Powders 

To match the Indian Burgundy Metallic choose: PSB-8147

To order contact Super Shox at 847-548-7469 or email info@supershox.com