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Super Shox – Scout Series

Fits 2015 to Current Scout Models

The Scout Series makes a huge improvement in ride and handling that will change the way you feel about riding your Scout. With greater rear suspension control you will have more fun on your Scout as you ride with confidence knowing you are not going to get jolted off the seat. Super Shox smooth out the road to give you a more connected feel for the bike that will make you want to roll in the throttle and rip the next corner and not worry about dogging the next pot hole. Railroad tracks that used to send shivers up your spine are long forgotten as Super Shox keep the rider isolated from the rough spots while keeping the tire connected to the road for more grip and control that gives the rider a higher level of comfort and confidence to ride more miles. 

Backed by the Super Shox money back policy and lifetime warranty there is no reason not to find out what your missing!


Technical Specification

Super Shox are longer and have more travel than the stock Scout shocks while still maintaining a stock ride height.

Stock Scout Shock = 11-1/2″ extended / 10-3/8″ compressed 1-1/8″ travel

Super Shox Scout = 11-3/4″ extended / 10″ compressed 1-3/4″ travel

Stock Bobber = 11-1/8″ extended / 10-3/8″ compressed 3/4″ compressed

Super Shox Bobber = 11-3/8″ extended / 10″ compressed 1-3/8″ travel

Ideally suited for riders 125-300 lb / 400 lb max combined load with a passenger.

For 2015-Current Scout, 100th, Icon, Sixty, Rouge: Ride Height 11-1/8″     Model # SS1-10010 $725.00

For 2018-Current Bobber, Icon, 60, Twenty: Ride Height 10-3/4″                Model # SS1-10020 $725.00

Optional custom color spring add $125.00 (must specify color code)

To select a color: Powder Coating Powder, Colors & Supplies | Prismatic Powders 

To order contact Super Shox at 847-548-7469 or email info@supershox.com