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Super Shox – Dyna

Available in 12″, 12.5″, 13″, 13.5″ and 14″

Great for Solo Riders   Great for 2-up Riding   Great for Aggressive Riding

The Super Shox Premier Series for Dyna Models unleash the hidden beast in your Dyna with an incredible ride that takes on any road any bump any hole and keeps you tight in the corner. With easy to adjust and tune pre-load like no other shock you will have the setting that best suits you and your riding style. Stability and grip are vastly improved resulting in a far greater level of control when carving through the corners or while ripping around the back roads. Definitely a dramatic improvement for any of the Dyna models. The days of feeling every bump in the road and being jolted off the seat are over. 

Dyna Mounting Kits: The Super Shox Dyna Mounting kits are designed to look killer and pull the shocks in closer to the bike for a cleaner tighter look. Made from steel and plated for good looks these mounts give your bike a custom look to match the shocks.

Custom Series: Take the look of your ride to the next level and choose a custom color spring or chrome spring with the Super Shox Custom Series.

Black Shock with Machined Grooves and Black Spring $725.00

Black Shock with Black Spring $725.00

Black Shock with Custom Color Spring $850.00

See the Premier Series video https://youtu.be/v_KyBHALiwo