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Premier Series – Trike

Great for Solo Riders/Great for 2-Up Riding/Great for Long Distance Riding

For 09 – Current FLRT / FLHTCUTG / RG3 

The Super Shox Premier Series for Trike Models will impress you from the time you leave the driveway with the way they soak up the small bumps and eliminate the big hits. Specially tuned for Trike models Super Shox make a huge improvement that you will feel every mile you ride.

While we offer 13″ and 13.5″ length the 14.5” shock is highly recommended for more shock travel and a higher ride height eliminating the need for a lift kit. The added height reduces steering effort and increases clearance for the mufflers when navigating inclines. The added suspension travel becomes noticeable when you hit that rough patch of road and don’t feel the same bumps and jolts you did with the stock shocks. Stability and comfort are vastly improved resulting in far more enjoyment when riding your Trike. The days of being tossed from side to side are over. You will feel much more in control and confident in corners and love the reduced steering effort especially at lower speeds. The Super Shox 14.5″ shock transforms your Trike into a whole new riding experience that you never thought possible.

On the 2019 and newer models that have coil over shocks there is not as much lift height as compared to the older models since there is less static sag with the OEM coil over shock. What does make a big difference is ride quality as suspension only works when it moves and the 14.5″ Super Shox are 1-1/2″ longer and have 1/2″ more travel with more sag to allow for better compliance with the road so you do not feel the jolts from bumps and holes you encounter.

With all parts precision machined in house, every shock hand assembled then dyno tested and tuned to meet strict tolerances. Serial numbered for traceability and backed by a 30-Day money back policy and lifetime warranty you can feel confident that you are investing in a high quality Made in America product with exceptional service and support that will make riding your trike much more enjoyable.

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Mounting on Trike models is done with the shock inverted to allow access to the adjustment collar. While it is possible to adjust the spring preload it is not easy to reach and turn when mounted so it will be easier for most people to lift the rear of the trike up to allow the weight to be off the suspension. Once the springs are fine tuned and you have found what you like best there is no need to keep adjusting them. Even for most combinations of Solo and 2-Up riding it is possible to find a setting that works for both.

Available in various lengths, lift height can vary depending on air pressure in the shock or pre-load on the coil over shock. Lift height is measured at the shock center to center distance at static height.

13.0” 2009-2017 Stock Height / Not Recommended for 2019-Up $725.00

Order # SR1-63010 For riders 150-300lb solo / 600lb max combined load

Order # SR1-63020 For riders 300-450lb solo / 700lb max combined load


13.5” 2009-2017 1/2″ lift / 2019-2024 Stock Height $725.00

Order # SR1-63510 For riders 150-300lb solo / 600lb max combined load

Order # SR1-63520 For riders 300-450lb solo / 700lb max combined load


14.5” 2009-2017 1-1/2″ lift / 2019-2024 1/2″ lift $725.00

Order # SR1-64510 For riders 150-300lb solo / 600lb max combined load

Order # SR1-64520 For riders 300-450lb solo / 700lb max combined load

Note: When using the 14.5″ shock on 2017 and newer models will require the Super Shox Exhaust Extension Pipe for use with stock head pipe and catalytic converter. Order # SR1-1127-1 $155.00

In 2017 the Catalytic Converter was made longer and limited suspension extension that is needed when using a lift kit or a shock longer than 13.5″ With the Super Shox Extension Pipe it allows for more clearance to the swing arm so that the 14.5″ shocks will fit and give riders the full benefit of the long travel shocks at maximum lift height.

Note: 14.5″ shocks must be mounted to the stock mounts. It is not possible to use the 14.5″ shock with a lift kit. The 14.5″ replaces the need for a lift kit and provides more suspension travel. This results in a better overall ride than using a 13″ shock and lift kit/shock combination.

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Super Shox Exhaust Extension Pipe required for 2017 and newer models with 14.5″ shocks. Order # SR1-1127-1