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Super Shox – Trike

Great for Solo Riders/Great for 2-Up Riding/Great for Long Distance Riding

The Super Shox Premier Series for Trike Models will impress you from the time you leave the driveway with the way they soak up the small bumps and eliminate the big hits. Specially tuned for Trike models Super Shox is the best improvement to make on your Trike. Recommended in the 14.5” shock length for 2009-2016 models for more shock travel and a higher ride height eliminating the need for a lift kit. For 2017 and newer models, the 13.5” is the best length. Stability and comfort are vastly improved resulting in far more enjoyment when riding your Trike. The days of being tossed from side to side are over. You will feel much more confident in corners and love the reduced steering effort at lower speeds.

Available in various lengths:

13.0” (Stock Height) Fits: 2009-Up

13.5” Fits: 2017-Up

14.5” Fits: 2009-2016