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Super Shox – V-Rod

Great for Solo Riders   Great for 2-Up Riding   Great for Aggressive Riding

The Super Shox Premier Series for V-Rod Models give this hot rod a whole new ride that will impress you with the way they soak up the small bumps and eliminate the big hits. With easy to adjust and tune preload like no other shock you will have the setting that best suits you and your riding style. Stability and comfort are vastly improved resulting in a far greater level of control when twisting the throttle, ripping around the back roads or just out for a relaxing cruise. Definitely a dramatic improvement for any of the V-Rod models. The days of feeling every bump in the road and being jolted off the seat are over. 

Custom Series: Take the look of your ride to the next level and choose a custom color spring or chrome spring or even go for the Nickel/Chrome set with the Super Shox Custom Series.