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SX14 – Double Adjustable

Double Adjustable Super Shox.

The Double Adjustable shocks have proven to be the ultimate in versatility by winning on a tight bullring one night, to winning on a big half mile the next night.

They have an amazing characteristic that makes them soft enough to run thru the black on the slickest of dirt tracks to stiff enough to pound the heaviest cushion out there. 

From mini sprints, midgets, non-wing sprint cars, wing sprint cars to late models these shocks will impress you on any surface that you race on!

To see real world application check out our Videos.

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  • 5″ stroke, 16-3/4″ center to center 
  • 6″ stroke, 17-3/4″ center to center
  • 6″ stroke, 18-3/4″ center to center
  • 7″ stroke, 19-3/4″ center to center
  • 7″ stroke, 20-3/4″ center to center
  • 8″ stroke, 21-3/4 ” center to center
  • 8″ stroke, 22-3/4″ center to center
  • 9″ stroke, 23-3/4″ center to center 
  • 9″ stroke, 24-3/4″ center to center 

Super Shox Advantages:

  • Lower repair cost than other brands
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Quick turnaround on repairs
  • Long shock life
  • Lifetime valving guarante

Super Shox on your car:

  • The same feel from start to finish
  • More consistency and stability
  • Repeatability
  • No fade performance during the race
  • Greatly improved feel for the car
  • Higher driver confidence
  • Better driver input

More About SX14 – Double Adjustable

The difference this shock will make to your car is comparable to the difference of night and day.  The driver will feel much more in control of the car since it will not wander down the straights or change lines thru the corners. The driver will feel the tires digging in and driving forward even on the slick. The car will be stable at all speeds and even on the roughest of tracks as well. Your corner speeds will improve and lap times will go down. The driver will discover a new line once thought to be unachievable. Many drivers describe the feeling as slow motion but really fast!

The double adjustable shocks will dramatically reduce your shock inventory and give you the ability to make a shock change with the turn of a knob.

The set up man will simply love being able to walk around the car and set all four shocks without any tools. When he has the choice of choosing a 6 or a 5 or a 4 or anything in between these shocks will have an addicting effect. Once you bolt these on the car you never need to take them off in fact you won’t want to!

Super Shox takes the guess work out of setting the adjusters with numbered settings on the canister for compression and easy to feel clicks on rebound and a simple chart to select the settings.

These shocks have proven to be the ultimate in tuneability by winning on dirt one night to winning on pavement the next night. From mini-sprints, midgets, sprint cars with or without wings to late models these shocks will impress you on any surface that you race on!

In racing the name of the game is consistency and tuneability and this shock delivers with eight compression settings and 24 rebound settings. This gives the set up man the tools he needs to get the perfect shock combination every time with repeatable results. With the remote adjustment option the driver has the ability to adjust to track conditions, tire wear, and fuel load all while racing!