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SX14 – Single Adjustable

Super Shox Single Adjustable

The Super Shox Single Adjustable shock will dramatically reduce shock inventory over non adjustable shocks and allow for quick and simple adjustments. The single adjustables are very popular choice for the racer that wants more for his money but does not need double adjustment. These have one external adjustment with 24 settings that can be configured three differant ways.

The most popular is for rebound adjustment. This gives the racer the ability to adjust from a tie down to an easy up on the front or to tune the left rear rebound or add rebound to the right rear to get more drive off the corner.

The shock can also be set up for compression adjustment, which is a popular choice with non-wing racers for their right rear.

The third way is to have a dual adjustment of compression and rebound with the use of one knob. The shock can be valved to stay 50/50 or any other valving split.

To see real world application check out our Videos.

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  • 5″ stroke, 16-3/4″ center to center
  • 6″ stroke, 18-3/4″ center to center
  • 7″ stroke, 20-3/4″ center to center
  • 8″ stroke, 22-3/4″ center to center
  • 9″ stroke, 24-3/4″ center to center

Super Shox Advantages:

  • Lower repair cost than other brands
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Quick turnaround on repairs
  • Long shock life
  • Lifetime valving guarantee

Super Shox on your car:

  • The same feel from start to finish
  • More consistency and stability
  • Repeatability
  • No fade performance during the race
  • Greatly improved feel for the car
  • Higher driver confidence
  • Better driver input

More About SX14 – Single Adjustable

The single adjustable shocks can be used with a remote adjustment knob for quick and accurate on the track shock changes. The Super Shox remote cable system work smooth as silk with no hassle connection to the shock eye and a nice 1-1/2″ knob in the car with a solid clicker for the driver to feel exactly every change. With 8 clicks per revolution the driver is able to make small chnges to find the optimum set up with ease.

Super Shox takes the guesswork out of setting the adjusters before the race with easy to feel clicks and a simple chart to select the settings.