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SX14 – Standard Shock

Super Shox Standard

Incredible value at $255.00 for an aluminum mono tube gas shock. These shocks are completly rebuildable, revalvable and upgradeable so if your looking for a basic shock that will get the job done and last for years then you have found it in The Super Shox Standard shock!

The Super Shox Standard shock useds the same components and  is made to the same critical tolerances as the more expensive adjustable shocks but without external adjustments. Choose a standard valving or tell us what you want and we will build it.

To see real world application check out our Videos.

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  • 5″ stroke, 16″ center to center
  • 6″ stroke, 18″ center to center
  • 7″ stroke, 20″ center to center
  • 8″ stroke, 22″ center to center
  • 9″ stroke, 24″ center to center

Super Shox Advantages:

  • Lower repair cost than other brands
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Quick turnaround on repairs
  • Long shock life
  • Lifetime valving guarantee

Super Shox on your car:

  • The same feel from start to finish
  • More consistency and stability
  • Repeatability
  • No fade performance during the race
  • Greatly improved feel for the car
  • Higher driver confidence
  • Better driver input